Become a tire sales expert

The solution to increase your turnover efficiently

Developed with professional sale representatives

To provide an optimized solution for the users, PneusPerf has been developed with professional salespersons. Find all the information you need in a short time.

More than 15,000 tire references

PneusPerf database allows you to have a quick and efficient view on the supplies for more than 15,000 types of tires.

Live Market Prices

PneusPerf enables you also to see the prices for each tire on the market. No need to spend time getting the right price to sale, be at the right price every time.

Local and suppliers stocks

No need to call your suppliers or to send emails to know the availabilities. Have all the information with just one click.

Sell immediately

PneusPerf provides you with an automated quotation with several ranges of the tire requested, with the price of the mount and the tire alignment if needed. Don't lose a second.



extra tire alignments
every month*


extra turnover
per quarter

*Study performed between September 2019 and May 2020 among PneusPerf users.

"4 quotes proposed, competitor analysis, etc. All you need to succeed your sale every single time and this is just the beginning of an increase in tire sales for 2020"
David Mieze
Parts & Services Manager - SOFIDA Group

No longer judge the tire wear with your finger!

Become an expert using our scan !

Deliver an expert report to your customer

The scan report is very accurate. It tells you if tires need to be changed or if an alignment should be done.

Tire wear status

Thanks to the measurement performed by the scan, you can show for each tire its wear to your client and discuss the need for replacement thanks to the colours.

Need for an alignment

The report also shows the necessity to realize a tire alignment in order to avoid a premature tire wear.

New braking distance

It is usually the key argument to transform you customer. The scan will calculate the new braking distance automatically thanks to the measures of the tire wears.

1 minute

It is the time requested to perform the scan on the 4 tires and to be sent automatically to PneusPerf. The time you get back to your desk, the report and the quotation will be ready.



PneusPerf with our scan :

199 € tax exc. / month


PneusPerf only:

59 € tax exc. / month

In both cases, we recommend you to sign up for the online training so you can fully use PneusPerf solution. The training costs 89 € tax excluded.

Contact us to discover PneusPerf:

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The PneusPerf solution helps you increase your turnover by selling more tires and tire alignments right away. The tool includes 15,000 tires references and for each one you have the view for the stocks (local and suppliers), the prices performed by the competitors and the edit of an automated quotation. It can be coupled with the scan technology to provide a detailed report of the tire wear for your customer.

PneusPerf has been developed with professional salespersons so the use for you is simple and you can lift your sales easily.

The scan is very easy to use and will only take one minute for each car.

It enables the scan of each tire thanks to a laser and provides an expert report that you can give to your customer as a proof for the need of tire replacement or tire alignment.

More information about the scan here.

To use PneusPerf and the scan, you will need:

  • An internet connection and Google Chrome

The PneusPerf interface has been developed on Google Chrome as the Microsoft Internet Explorer is about to end.

  • Wi-Fi Connection or a 4G key on the 2.4 GHz frequency to use the scan

The unit must be connected to perform the scans. It can be connected thanks to Mobile Phone Modem, a 4G modem key or Wi-Fi.

It has to be used on the 2.4 GHz frequency as it does not work on regular 5 GHz frequency.

It may happen that the connection is not perfect, that is the result of the alarm sensors in your building. Therefore, we recommend you contact your alarm provider so they can change the frequencies of the sensors and allows you to have a perfect Wi-Fi connection..

You have two possibilities:

Option 1 : PneusPerf alone

If you do not wish to use the scan technology to scan the tires but are willing to have access to the sales tool, it will cost 59€ tax excluded per month, which is about three tires mounts.

Option 2 : PneusPerf + scan

It is the option we advise you to take to become a full expert in tire sales.

In that case, the cost will be of 199€ tax excluded per month, which is about three tire alignements, with an 36 months commitment.

Please explain the issue your encounter by sending an email to [email protected] and add your name and phone number so we can contact you directly.